Just some real purdy things that have made their way into my 'stuff' collection this past month...

cuff and and ring. bridesmaid present from mel, picked up in bali.

filthy farm girl soaps. made in hawaii and found at byron bay markets.

bird in cup, with hat and cake. plate from typo.

bunny rabbit chopsticks. a japanese travel present from emma.
a girl after my own heart {see here}


  1. love all these goodies!! the soaps are mega cute and would make a great pressie and the plate is so great. i love typo! so many goods in one place - it's kind of like they went into our brains and worked out exactly the kind of things we'd spend all our money on huh?

  2. hahaha yes, exactly! typo is a danger zone. that plate was actually one of those things i bought for someone else but then kept myself. shameless. the soaps are very cute and they have to be smelled to be beleived, soooo good. I bought them from a jewellery designer at byron markets, called Cinder & Bella. Her friend is the designer of the soaps from hawaii, and she's the only australian stockist, so it was a good little find. =)