Now this is my kind of lip...stick.

You will never catch me wearing a "bold red lip". If I want to add a pop of colour to my face I will find me a Strawberry Chuppa Cup.

Some can pull off the Super Red Lip tremendously well. Others think they can, but they are actually mistaken. I know I can't, so I don't. I'm just not a lipstick kind of girl. On the few occasions when I have been forced to wear lipstick I have come out with sophisticated gems such as, "I feel like a clown" and more recently, "I feel like I have a bowl of jelly stuck to my mouth".

Although lipsticks will always just be fancily-packaged crayons in my eyes, I do have a friend in lip stain. And I'm not talking about Shiraz; I can't deny this method *will* deliver you a lip stain, just in a more Legless Lucy kind of way.

I love lip stains because they give just a hint of pretty mat colour that you can apply and then just forget about. Unlike lipstick, it won't transfer onto your teeth (which is a stupid look, in case you didn't realise) and it won't leave smooshed waxlips on your champagne flute. You can even walk down the street on a windy day without clumps of hair affixing to your gluey pout. And last, but certainly not least, lip stain doesn't taste like a Crayola.

I first bought benetint by benefit in London and I have gone through a few bottles since then. I love this stuff because it doubles as a cheek stain, for a touch of fresh dewy blush. These bottles cost around $29 and will last for ages. It comes in three sweet shades, and you can find it at David Jones.

What girl doesn't love a Priceline spree? My new discovery is Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain, which retails at a slightly more bargain-esque $17.95. This was one of the few non-gluggy lip stains on offer at Priceline. I tried the red one. I liked the colour, and the Texta-like applicator was quite fun. It also has a lip balm on the other end so you can gloss-up if the moment strikes!
Nivea to the rescue with their Cherry Fruity Shine balm + tint for pre-payday dull-lip emergencies. These contain Vitamin E so they're a good little lip topper for throughout the day, plus you will get change from a fiver. Sorted =)

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