If you'd like to get yourself into the Easter spirit then I have just the ticket! HOP starring the voice of Russel
Brand is a superfun Easter movie that's entertaining for little and big kids alike. I imagine this is the type of movie that I would have been obsessed with as a child, happily watching over and over again. For me, that was The Flintstones Meet Rockula & Frankenstone and Pippi Longstocking. Later, Little Women and Clueless. Now: Hop. I jest, but really, it's a great little movie.

I'm enjoying a pretty lovely afternoon off work today. I had to front up for Jury Duty this morning but was excused on account of my new job starting next Monday. I didn't see any crazy antics from people trying to get out of Jury Duty (I've heard stories of people showing up in hair rollers and such), although there was this one guy who showed up with his laptop, who was sitting there with his head buried in his hands trying to look busy  and stressed and fiddling with pie charts. Turn it up, mate. My friend Mel pointed out that he probably just Google Imaged some graphs.

Anyways, after I was dismissed I brought this beautiful ducky chocolate for my niece Isabella. But something terrible has happened. There is absolutely no point in me buying eggs in advance, other than to support my bid for a size twenty-zillion bottom!

Ooopsey, where's your nose? I rest my case!

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