Today, I start digging, in a corner by the shed and the plum tree. But first, a trip to Bunnings.

4 hours later...

I dug a hole!

The photo doesn't do justice to the total body workout I just had - plotting, picking, digging, shoveling and raking, not to mention driving to Woolies to buy seeds + a nice watermelon for arvo tea.

Next week, a trip to a special westerly location with my Dad to stock up on poo. Also blood and bone, and mulch.

It was actually a bit of a task to find a site with good information on how to start. The Vegetable Patch.com helped some.

This was hard yakka today, but it's good to know there's options if you're not an aspiring labourer or if you don't have space to dig. I found these awesome apple crates from The Little Vegie Patch Co. which would make perfect vegie planters because they're quite spacious and deep, plus they'd look great in the right place. With a little imagination you could use almost anything.

It's time for me to go, happily, as I've secured an in-house back masseuse. Leaving you with a pic of my puppa, looking surly because she got excited about a walk that didn't eventuate and because I had the nerve to ask her to pick up a shovel and help. <3

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