2010 is all about Mugs

Ahh, the humble coffee cup. The answer to many a mid-morning crisis - and yet really not so humble at all.

The population's caffeine addiction is costing the environment heaps!

In Australia, disposable paper cups account for 5,500 tonnes of landfill each year!

Enter KeepCup, with their barsita-standard reusable coffee cup with a four-year lifespan. Made in Australia, it is available in different coffee sizes and in a variety of colours.

KeepCup puts it all in perspective for us...

"Most disposable paper cups are not recyclable.

The paper cup is made from a composite of materials: bleached paper sprayed with a polyethylene coating. Paper cups are often impregnated with toxic dyes which make them difficult to recycle. The plastic lining in disposable paper cups means they are not recyclable.

In arid regions like Australia, biodegradation of a paper cup can take 50 years or more.

It's not just the cup and lid that go into landfill. On average, each disposable cup contains 5% of the raw materials involved in the process of making and delivering it.

It is a choice. We can destroy fewer trees and reduce landfill, CO2 and energy output."

So there you have it. But wait. I have another solution:
A mug from Grandma's. Seriously, why would you want to accept your coffee in a boring old, run of the mill, cardboard vessel? Where's the originality in that!?

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