Birthday Cake Mix In A Jar | DIY

Have you come across these Cake-in-a-Jar recipes before? I LOVE this handmade gift idea.

Today I wanted to show you a very simple version of the Cake-in-a-Jar that I made for Lindsay last year when we weren't yet living together. His birthday was mid-week and I was interstate for work, but I wanted to make sure he had cake!

As I said, my "recipe" was extremely simple (like, boy simple) - I poured the contents of a packet cake mix in a jar and wrote instructions to match. I included a separate mini jar of sprinkles in the bag. I had to stamp strict instructions for the present not to be opened until his birthday. Even so, I ended up making the cakes myself a few months later, haha - but the novelty was still there, and the jar will probably be around for a while! Here's the label I made...

And here are some of my favourite cake and cookie jars from Pinterest. Have you, or would you, make this as a DIY/BYO gift, and what would you put in the mix? Personally, that brownie mix is calling my name...

...but I love the layers on the bottom right one -- what a beautiful idea for Christmas!

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