Life is a little crazy at the moment, being back at uni and what-not. It's funny how you take for granted the serenity of having a routine, even if that routine is a long commute and sometimes boring work days. When your routine is blown to smitherines and you're jumping all over the show, it really rattles you. Well, it rattles me. I feel disconnected. I don't like not working... I miss the security of it. Being back at uni is odd. The first week was the hardest because I felt like I'd rewound the clock ten years. Freak out: what the hell am I doing here?! The coursework (Primary Teaching) is interesting but demanding. Some days I love it and feel really enthused about teaching. Other days I feel like I'm heading into crazytown. They are constantly reminding us how draining it is to be a teacher. I don't appreciate these sentiments. They put doubts in my head. I like hard work... I like being busy and having a purpose and I don't like heavy repetition in a job. In that way, teaching should be a good fit. But I could do without being told, five weeks into my course when I'm up to my eyeballs in textbooks and the assignments are piling up, this pearl of wisdom: "teaching is a mentally and emotionally draining 24/7 job; you'll probably be working 6 days out of 7". Soo... that'd be 24/6?

Whatever. I am looking forward to our first two weeks of professional experience (prac) in a month's time. Looking forward to, with a significant dose of fear. Because it's the prac that will really show what's what. Sort the men from the boys. I am scared that I will want to run for the hills and have a textbook bonfire after prac. I *hope* not. But we shall see.

At the end of the day I am eternally grateful that this course has an end-date of 14 November 2014. Nine months from now. I don't think I could handle any more than that. On campus as a 30 year-old (although yesterday my lecture buddy said she thought I was 21... great) I feel disconnected from the real world and I'd really like to join again. Nine months. My pregnant pals tell me that nine months is an eternity. But unlike them I can still have wine and brie.

Well, I came here this morning to actually share a recipe with you but had a little rant and rave instead. I'll come back and share that soon. Happy Tuesday. x


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