After enjoying a slice of yesterday's beautiful sunshine, a walk on the beach and splash on the shore, it seemed the perfect time to head home and dabble in a little Sunday afternoon fro-yo production. Using some very cool star-shaped molds I acquired a few weeks ago, I made these yummy banana and blueberry yoghurt popsicles! They were quite the nutritious and delicious after-dinner treat and I have a feeling they might become a bit of a summer staple.

I'm already thinking of a few other flavour ideas that I can't wait to try. It goes without saying that some of these flavour combos will involve cocoa. And coconut. And mango. And cherries. Yum! My two little nieces are going through that fussy eating stage, so I might even play the sneaky Aunty and see if I can lure them into eating some nutritious concoctions with these girly popsicles. I'm sure they'd love a posicle treat when they come over for a swim in the pool. I'll let you know how that goes. I might need to start stealthily and make a batch that doesn't involve hundreds of tiny seeds.

This particular 4-ingredient recipe came from Jamie's Food Revolution.

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