1. Everyone is smiley and happy. Even the guys at Customs, who shrugged their shoulders when we asked if they would like to scan our backpacks, smiled and said "If you want... where are you staying?"

2. The fact that you can have a three-course meal for twenty dollars. And that cocktails are about $5. Then you find a place where they're $10, but there's a two-for-one offer.

3. That you can beep your horn at anyone and everyone for whatever reason you like or no reason at all. That fifty horns sound at the traffic lights the split second the light goes green.

4. The cheap pirated DVDs. Not that I bought any... la la la...

5. That you can get a full-body hour long massage for $8.

6. That I can get twenty bracelets, bangles or necklaces for what you'd pay for one at Diva.

7. The great selection of restaurants and yummy food. Being a piggy because you're on holidays. And Maccas 24/7 delivery - more for the novelty of it than for the cold, floppy chips and non-chicken-boob nuggets.

 8. Getting around town on scooters - riding amongst the locals.

9. That a Bintang singlet becomes the unofficial uniform for tourists.

10. The simple lifestyle and the fact that happiness isn't about money.
When's the next trip?!

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