H A P P Y E A S T E R !

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Happy Easter, everyone!

It's been a little while between posts, but as I was up before 7 this morning and have some time to spare, sitting here with my cup of tea in the quiet morning, I thought I would tap out a little post.

There's been something on my mind to write about recently, and that is, decluttering. Decluttering is most of the reason why I haven't been around the blog lately. Things were getting all a bit too hectic, and I needed to declutter. I've been trying to put this into practise for a little while now. It started with the very, very basic things, such as deleting the Words With Friends and Facebook apps off my phone. They are just little distractions, and things that niggle at you that you "gotta" do. But when you remove those little things, suddenly you have just a little extra time each day. Maybe it's only ten minutes, but maybe that's ten minutes you can use to do something productive, or read a chapter, or even be present in the moment when you're just hanging out on the lounge with your people.

Other declurring has come on the form of 'spring' cleaning. Whether it be the folders on my PC desktop or the kitchen pantry, it's pretty amazing what those small decluttering efforts can do for your sense of calm.

One area of my life that needed a huge declutter was my business, Little Bow Thief, as things were becoming busier and busier and a little too much to handle. So I started making some changes to simplify things, and this past week I even took all my shop items off Etsy to give myself some breathing space. That was a much needed and welcome declutter.

There is this thing called decision fatigue, where, after a long stretch of making decisions, your ability to make good decisions can become impaired. Without even exploring the science of it, it makes sense that your brain gets tired. So I just figred that when you put too much pressure on yourself and have a little bit too much going on, it can really start to drag you down. So you gotta figure out ways to make things simpler and more enjoyable; all it takes is a few little things.

Happy Easter, everyone! XX

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