I am a regular consumer of smoothie breakfasts but my usual concoctions don't venture too far from bananas and berries with the occasional mango or choc-cherry treat. But, sweeping through my Instragram feed, styled shots of green mush keep rearing their cheeky, healthy heads, so I thought I would make like a sheep and follow that trend.

I had grim concerns about the palatability of a green smoothie, but luckily for me I struck green (haaaaar) with this recipe, right here. With coconut water, spinach, cucumber and protein powder, among other things, it was a nice mix of health and taste - very filling too. The I Quit Sugar website has lots of smoothie recipes, actually, so I'm thinking I'll do a weekly road test to mix things up a little bit.

*Please note the home-grown mint, top left. Thank you.

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