A couple of weekends ago I flew up to Grafton to spend some time with my Nanna, Aunty, Uncle and Cousin Steff. Whenever Steff and I have hang-time there will be some kind of baking involved, and it'll often be something a little bit left-field. This time we tried our hand at replicating the old fashioned mint pattie (remember, in the green foil packets?) I have to say, they were much more well-received than the Melon Sago Creation of 2011.

This recipe called for mint-flavoured essence. My Aunty's collection of food colouring and essence yielded very interesting results, with a bottle of mint essence bearing a somewhat antiquated design. Upon questioning, Aunty Wendy, who is known for her special powers in date-recollection, informed us that she'd last used the essence in 1979 to make some after-dinner mints, but to rest assured that essence does not have a used-by date.

And so, we fullfilled that little bottle's life purpose, and it gave birth to another delicious batch of mint patties.

Our recipe came from the Frankie's Sweet Treats Recipe Book. You can find the online recipe here. Steff and I made our patties quite large, true to the form of the supermarket variety, but both agreed that next time we'd probably make them about half the size and impress the pants off our dinner guests with home-made after dinner mints!

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