I loved 'Ted'. 

Desk lunch.

Pajama lunch : )

Saturday morning: hammock, sun and Booky Wook.

Sunday: My two little nieces visited me today, we had a great time. We built a fort with blankets and chairs. We made our own money to go shopping for things for our fort. We petted puppies and chased the budgie under the table. We took a beach towel up to the master bedroom veranda, put on giant hats and sunscreen and had a peanut butter sandwich picnic in the winter sun. We made pillow beds on the floorboards and watched Mary Poppins. We pulled funny faces and had lovely niecy cuddles. I'm so lucky!

Sisters. <3

Sunday evening: alphabetising my records. I've discovered two thrift shops around the area where I work, and they're always a great place to find vinyls. I had a sift through last week but couldn't remember what I did and didn't have, so tonight I sorted and listed; a therapeutic exercise. It also means that tomorrow I should be able to add a couple of new albums to my collection. Always good to have something to look forward to on a Monday : )

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