A purdy senset, as witnessed on a boating adventure earlier this year.

When you "come back" from a two-month blogging sabbatical, you feel a bit of pressure to say something nifty. I will tell you right now that is not going to happen. At this stage it's a mystery to me what the next sentence will be.

I STARTED ZUMBA. I had been putting off that class for at least one rotation of the earth around the sun. One of my resolutions was to give it a go, and I'm loving it. Wiggling your bott-bott for exercise is so much more pleasurable than being strapped to that god-awful Spin seat. In the Spin room you will be exposed to a sinewy and intense instructor, yelling at you to push harder to the top of an imaginary hill where your only rewards are a sore crotch and a wedgie. On the other hand, down the hall at Zumba, there's a mid-driffed and flare-panted instructor asking you to "thrust a little more" as you shake what your mama gave you and pull out your best Dirty Dancing impersonations.

You decide.

Zumba is my way of prepping  for the TANGO classes I signed up for via one of those discounted deal sites. [Insert raucous laughter.]

I'M GOING TO BE PUBLISHED! When I was in Year 4 I launched a magazine called Guess What? which was basically a creative way of perpetuating the oh-so scandalous rumour mill of a bunch of ten year olds. I encouraged my friends to submit exclusive pieces for the gossip column. Surprisingly, Guess What? didn't survive the cut-throat world of publishing past Issue 1. The things I would do to see a copy now.

Suffice it to say, I was very excited when I was recently approached to submit an ACTUAL article for an ACTUAL magazine at the publisher where I work. Alright, so "approached" is maybe not the right word. I hunted and stalked those biatches down til I'm sure they thrust an assignment at me just to shush me up. Lesson learnt: persistence pays off!

My first article is called 'Bottle Green' and it's about my search for an eco-friendly tipple. The fact that I will  get to have actual published words is one thing; the fact that the words are related to conservation (in a boozy kinda way) presents a bit of a "pinch myself" moment. The fact that I researched, toiled, and emotionally-snacked my way through two drafts took only a little shine off the moment; I still will be excited to see my humble words in gloss.

There's an army of very boistrous cockatoos outside my window, trying to squawk me out of bed, and they're doing a good job of it! It looks like it's going to be a beauty of a day.


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