For the past little while I've been building my own vegetable garden. Today I stomped around in my gumboots, unloading bag upon bag of soil, manure and compost to make my garden bed. You're supposed to leave the newly laid soil to rest for a week before planting.

In the mean time I've been thinking about how I'm going to label my vegies - I am rather smitten with these markers, on sale at Etsy (online home made craft store, for those not familiar) though at a cost of three for $20US it would be a bit of a splurge to say the least! The seller can actually custom-make according to what you need though, which adds to the temptation just a wee little bit.

If only I had a kiln.

Those plastic-y markers are just not going to cut it though, so do not be at all surprised if you end up seeing these little babies in my bed.

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  1. hey lovely! i read this post the other day (just so you know, i didn't just read it cos you asked me to :) and was admiring how lovely those markers are!
    i use pebeo porcelaine pens that are mega easy - you just fire them in your own oven. however they aren't like a glaze - it's pretty much a posca pen (remember those?!).
    pebeo does also have porcelaine paints so that might be an option?
    but i highly recommend the pens - they're easy to use and if you make a mistake you just wipe off and start again!
    someething else i saw on the weekend was using blackboard paint to make markers - the ones i saw were heart shaped and super cute!

    there is also a cermaics painting place in summer hill. i really want to go there sometime!!